Term Life

Term 10, 20: Flexible and affordable, these Term plans offer coverage for 10 or 20-year periods, or coverage until the age of 70. In addition, the conversion privilege included in each plan may let you easily convert your term life insurance to permanent life insurance.

Permanent Life

Whole Life 20 & 100 - Term 100: These Whole Life 20 and Whole Life 100 plans bear significant cash values that you will appreciate. Also, our Term 100 plan is designed to meet your needs for a simple and affordable permanent life insurance.

Universal Life

Universal Life Protection & Investment: Universal life insurance is the most flexible life insurance product on the market, effectively combining life insurance and savings in a single product. The savings component is tax-exempt, meaning you'll accumulate capital without paying taxes!

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance: Helps you meet your financial obligations, maintain your standard of living and remain independent. If you receive a diagnosis of a covered critical illness and survive for at least 30 days, you will receive a tax-free benefit to be used as you see fit.

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Insurance Glossary

Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (GRRSP): An arrangement established for employees or members of a professional or trade association. Individual RRSP contracts must be registered for each participant and separate accounts kept for each. Employer contributions are treated as employees’ earned income for income tax purposes.

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